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Felix Baudenbacher
most recent work



20 June 2016
Went to hang these beauties at a client's house in Lucerne, Switzerland this morning - very happy they found such a wonderful home!

14 June 2016
TONIGHT (TUESDAY, 14 JUNE), FROM 6 PM and during all of Art Basel: LICHT UND FARBE IM ONKEL - new work by Felix Baudenbacher

venue information: http://www.zum-onkel.ch/

7 June 2016
Motion painting 6, 2016, Oil and wax on plaster / wood, light projection, 2 parts, each 85 x 70.5 x 4.5 cm (33 15/32 x 27 3/4 x 1 49/64 inches) - my piece that was shortlisted for the 'taking shape' purchase price at cueB Gallery, London

20 April 2016
installation pictures of into space, my exhibition of all new work at cueB Gallery in London - until 27 May

20 April 2016
Motion painting 4, 2016 - Oil and wax on linen over MDF / wood, wood glue, light projection, 80 x 57 x 46 cm - on view at cueB Gallery in London until 27 May

20 April 2016
Motion painting 5, 2016 - Oil and wax on plaster, light projection, two parts, 39 x 94 x 3.5 cm - on view at cueB Gallery in London until 27 May

15 April 2016
into space, my exhibition of all new work at cueB Gallery in Brockley, London is up! Private view tonight from 7 - 9 pm

11 March 2016
I finally got round to putting (almost) all new work online.... nice to be caught up! Below a few beatuies from recent months - see 'most recent work' above for all new work, as well as the relevant artwork information.

07 February 2016
Motion painting 2, 2015, oil and wax on linen over MDF / wood, wood glue, light projection, approx. 30.5 x 25.5 x 13.2 cm

06 February 2016
Motion painting 3,
oil and wax on linen over MDF / wood, wood glue, light projection, approx. 41.2 x 28 x 21.3 cm - first new work of the year. Motion paintings reaching out into the 3rd (or 4th) dimension....

28 November 2015
Motion painting 1 (Basel version), the final version of my first canvas utilising projected light interventions to bring accelerated time to the experience of painting and thus deepen and expand the painterly vocabulary, premiers at M54 visarte Satellit Kunstraum Florenz (LINK) in Basel as part of REGIONALE 16, the annual tri-national (CH/DE/FR) series of exhibitions.

01 September 2015
First piece in a brand new series of works titled 'Motion paintings' incorporating light interventions as part of the work. While the canvas size, shape and colour are fixed, the light interventions are developed site-specifically so the final piece is different in each location it is displayed.

01 September 2015
Newest in my series of shaped canvases - for full info about the piece see HERE

08 August 2015
My first ever exhibition in Belgium, at Galerie Van Der Planken / Art+Deal in the beautiful seaside town on Knokke opened yesterday. I'm very pleased with how the show looks and the opening was a great success! For more installation shots of the exhibition please see HERE.

Felix Baudenbacher - Painting Measures @ Galerie Van Der Planken / Art+Deal

16 June 2015
The OETLINGER BUVETTE ART CONTAINER in Basel, Switzerland is up! It was very hard work in appalling conditions but thanks to an amazing team the project I've been working on for six months successfully made it through its final stage - installation - and is now on view for the rest of the Art Basel week until coming Sunday, June 21. You'll find a map HERE if you're in town and are coming for a visit.

Local newspaper Basellandschaftliche Zeitung published an article on the ART CONTAINER - you'll find it HERE (there is also a video produced by local online tv channel Bebbitv a little further down on the page).

27 May 2015
I'm delighted that my piece Cowardly painting 10 is currently on view at CNB Gallery at Mark Hix's Tramshed in Shoreditch as part of the group show Let Them Eat Steak! The exhibition is on until July 3rd and includes work by Andy Warhol, Philip Colbert, Camilla Wordie & Tasos Gaitanos, Mary Stephenson, Oliver Durcan, Birute Bikelyte, Daniel Swallow, Tom Maryniak, Claire Orme, Josh Daniels, Thom Morgan, Liz McBurney and W.K.Lhyne

for general information, see the CNB Gallery website HERE

Cowardly painting 10

27 May 2015
Work on the ART CONTAINER to go on view during ART Basel in a couple of weeks' time progresses - see the video below.

22 April 2015

08 April 2015
4 more Shamimal pieces are finished and I'm very pleased with how they turned out - below is Shamimal 6 - click 'most recent work' above or HERE to see the whole series.

28 March 2015
My piece 'Gradient Edges Blue' (see it here) found a buyer at last Thursday's First Open/LDN auction at Christie's South Kensington - the first auction result of my career! For those interested in the details click HERE.

28 March 2015
See the interview Christie's conducted with me in the run-up to the auction (see below) HERE.

27 February 2015
I'm absolutely delighted that my piece 'Gradient Edges Blue' (see it here) is one of only 8 works chosen from over 11'000 submitted by over 3'000 artists from more than 100 countries on social networking site theartstack.com to be auctioned off at Christie's, South Kensington in London on March 26 this year as part of the First Open/LDN auction. The shortlist from which a high-profile panel of art world, fashion and media figures selected the finalists was based on number of votes by the public.

Visit the press section above to see Christie's official press release.

Christie's First Open series offers blue-chip post-war and contemporary art works at affordable price points, as well as pieces by promising emerging artists, some of which offered at auction for the first time - there are many very impressive names in the auction (press here or on the image below to browse the digital auction catalouge - my piece is Lot 102 on page 141).

12 February 2015
The first 2 new paintings of 2015 - a good start to the year! I'm continuing down the path of formal invention but am now adding the element of a shallow sculptural space within the painting by hanging shaped white-primed canvases into a coloured frame creating a whole new visual-spatial dynamic that I think is rather successful.

25 January 2015
Below an installation shot of my work in the group exhibition winter notabene at mitart gallery in Basel, Switzerland (with Robin Ballard, Haviva Jacobson, Marie Boiseaubert, Rahel Knöll, Guy C. Corriero, Gido Wiederkehr and Jan Czerwinski, www.mitart-gallery.com, until Feb 14 2015)

19 December 2014
I'm delighted that the exhibition of my new work in St.Gallen, Switzerland has been extended until 14th February 2015. See the venue's website here for opening times (closed over Christmas from Dec 24 to Jan 7) and some impressions of the exhibition below. All new work from the past few months has gone up on the website too and you can see it here or under the 'most recent work' tab above.

1 September 2014
The first two pieces of my latest series of work are finished! I'm continuing with employing the device of exposed unprimed canvas to subvert the sleekness and flatness of the picture plane but I have found my way to more playful, whimsical shapes. Also, the frames are now painted in a colour and have become an integral part of the composition, dissolving the boundary between 'content' and 'stage'. For artwork information (title, medium, size) see here and here.

2 June 2014
I'm delighted to be exhibiting alongside my mother - Regula Baudenbacher - at the beautiful mitart gallery in Basel, Switzerland. The show opens this Wednesday, 4 June, with the private view from 6 - 8pm and will continue until July 5. Both my mother and I will be present at the private view. I will also be in Basel for all of Art Basel (June 18 - 22) so if anyone is visiting and would like me to show you the exhibition, please
get in touch. I would be delighted to meet you there. There is also an artist talk on Wednesday, June 25, for which I will also be present.

For more information, please visit mitart gallery's website here.

It's a beautiful show - here are a few installation shots (last foto artwork by Regula Baudenbacher):

25 March 2014
I have been getting ever bolder and more reduced in my recent work, leaving parts of untreated canvas exposed (I gessoed the canvas only in the parts I later painted, ensuring the paint doesn't soak into the canvas but sits on top of it) - see below and here.

16 January 2014
I have been getting into home screen printing, adapting the process in a way that allows me to use the same artists' oils I use for painting. I'm very happy with the results - see below and here (the first 4 images are of prints).

13 September 2013
I was happy to find out that the two pieces I submitted to this year's Discerning Eye exhibition (November 14 - 24, open to the public) at the Mall Galleries in London have been accepted for exhibition. For Discerning Eye, 6 selectors - 2 artists, 2 collectors and 2 art critics - each curate a mini-exhibition, for which they can invite artists to participate. There is also an open call and at least 25% of artists for each exhibition have to be chosen from the open call, giving lesser- known artists a chance to exhibit with the more established invited artists. My two pieces (this one and this one) were chosen from the open call by one of the artist selectors, Stephen Farthing (RA).

21 August 2013
After working exclusively in a figurative mode for the past few years, I have recently been developing a series of abstract pieces en
titled My London. Just like in California in 2006/07, it was as a response to nature (this time the parks of southeast London exploding into colour after a particularly wet spring) that these pieces came about. I also found a way to make my own floating frames for these oils on gessoed paper - I think they look really good in them (see below). Click most recent work above to see the whole series. Larger versions on both paper and linen are planned.

upcoming group exhibition
Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize
The Mall Galleries, The Mall, London, SW1Y 5BD
19 February - 2 March 2013, open Monday to Saturday, 10 am - 5pm, admission free
(link to gallery website)

28 January
Bathroom devotional, oil on linen, 75 x 60 cm - the first new painting of 2013

17 January 2013: my painting Hanging Basket (see it here)
has been selected for the 2013 Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize. The five prize winners will be announced at the private view of the exhibition of the selected work at the Mall Galleries in central London, which runs from Feb 19 to March 2. Details of private view to follow.

Vienna exhibition
Below a couple of pictures of my exhibition Felix Baudenbacher - Significant Insignificance which opened at the beautiful Galerie Lehner in Vienna, Austria last Tuesday, 15 January. Thank you to everyone who came on the night!

upcoming exhibitions
solo exhibition
Galerie Lehner, Vienna, Austria
16 January - 9 February 2013, private view Tuesday, 15 January
(link to gallery website)

group exhibition
might be love
mitart gallery, Basel, Switzerland
24 January - 9 February 2013, private view Wednesday, 23 January, 6 - 8pm
(link to gallery website)

new work
09 December 2012: below the latest two paintings in my studio - scale plays a major role in these new pieces, giving the everyday objects depicted a monumental quality. As all new work, the pieces can be seen under most recent work...

24 September 2012: below the first drypoint etching I've made in 10 years - I'm happy both with the result as well as the fact that I've been able to print it at home without a printing press, just with my own body weight and a bit of manipulating the consistency of the printing ink...

4 July 2012: I have updated the website with paintings and drawings going all the way back to my student days in the late nineties! I wasn't as organised then as I am now so only a part of my output was ever documented. Also, the quality of some of the photographs leaves something to be desired but my means were more limited back then - the pictures are still good enough to give an impression of what I was doing and I was thrilled to meet with some of these older pieces again. Work on the website is organised chronologically, going backwards from the most recent work, so go to 'work' then 'oils' or 'drawings' and click yourself through to the older pieces. Enjoy!

18 May 2012: my three paintings (bought from my degree show in 2002) in the permanent collection of Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London have now been catalogued by the Public Catalogue Foundation and can be seen on the BBC's Your Paintings website (link to website)

pas de deux
mitart gallery, Basel, Switzerland (2-person exhibition with Rahel Knöll)
16 May - 23 June 2012, private view Wednesday, 16 May, 6 - 8pm (link to gallery website)

Installation shot of pas de deux at mitart gallery, Basel, Switzerland - 16 May 2012

cueB Gallery, London, UK (solo exhibition)

5 May - 3 June 2012, private view Friday, 4 May, 7 - 9pm (link to gallery website)

Installation shot of Still. at cueB Gallery, London
- 4 May 2012